Étant de Pensif (lafille) wrote in seattlef2f,
Étant de Pensif

Looking for a Bassist

Hey guys... I've tried everywhere else (ok that's just silly and impossible), so I thought I'd try this :) Let me know if interested. Thanks!


P.S. Check us out if you're looking to find a new local band to love ;)


Email: DCadmin@DeceptiveCadence.net
Phone: (206) 973-7391

Deceptive Cadence is looking for a bassist to join the band. We'd like someone who has at least a couple years of experience, is able (and likes to) improv, is very dedicated, and has a fun personality. Our lead singer is currently playing bass but we'd like to venture into finding a more permanent bassist.

We intend to play some live shows a month or so after we lock-in our new member since we've already been offered several gigs. We'll head into the recording studio in September. This is for serious musicians only, if you're up to the challenge definitely check out our website to listen to our songs. Then send us a message to set up a jam session. We practice twice a week, currently in Tukwila near the South Center Mall. We look forward to meeting you!

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